Prepaid Phone Cards in Canada

Prepaid Phone Cards are an important tool in making cheap international and domestic long distance calls. Phone cards are especially important in Canada as Canada has a large immigration population and many international students who constantly call their home country.

Prepaid Phone Cards could be purchased in regular stores as well as online. Large selection of prepaid phone cards is available at This web site offers the same calling cards as sold in regular calling card stores, but with instant calling card PIN email delivery and discounts. Ontario Phone Cards offer wide range of prepaid phone cards from different calling card service providers. Canada’s largest and most reliable provider of calling cards is Group of Gold Line. Ontario Phone Cards offers many Gold Line Calling Cards, including CiCi Calling Card, Gold Calling Card and Good Call. In 2012 Ontario Phone Cards in assosiation with Group of Gold Line introduced a new prepaid product: E-Z Call Prepaid Calling Plan (sign up at In 2013, in association with LycaTel Ontario Phone Cards introduced Lyca calling card offering PIN less dial and recharge option. Please check Ontario Phone Cards at for more info.

Benefits Online Prepaid Phone Cards

In the present times almost everyone is aware of the smart communication tools known as prepaid calling cards. These calling cards are the prepaid medium used for placing calls within a country or making international calls. The prepaid phone cards and their convenient version of the online phone cards allow the individuals to buy talk time against the money value of the cards bought. The online calling cards can be bought from the various authentic retails on the World Wide Web dealing in the online phone cards. General information about prepaid phone cards and calling cards).

The is one such online store. is one of the largest distributors of the online calling cards in Canada and does not deal in a limited selection of the online calling cards, but features an impressive database of the versatile online calling cards, from which the customers can select according to their calling needs. There are some who might need to place multiple calls in the multiple cities of the world, for the sake of correspondence with their business associates. Yet, at the same time Canada boasts one of the largest communities of the immigrants who might require these online calling cards for placing calls in their homelands and enjoy communicating with their loved ones back at home. Read more about long distance cards and plans here.

Those who buy the online prepaid phone cards will be able to enjoy countless benefits which include;

• A versatile selection of the online calling cards featured at a single website.
• Using the virtual tools to evaluate rates and talk time is easier than to search for them manually from one store to another.
• Immediate access to the PIN through the specified email address at the website.
• Better rates and premium features, due to the competitiveness among the online service providing companies.
• Fool-proof money transactions to minimize chances of fraudulence managed through credit cards and reputed money transfer software.
One of the best attributes of the online calling cards is that it allows the end user to control their costs related to telephonic communication. The customers can sift the database at to find the card that best matches their needs and the budgets and benefit using the same without worrying about the elaborate costs like in the case of the traditional long distance calling plans. If the right card is selected by the customers it will actually help them in saving more than ninety percent of their regular call plan bills.
Some of the very popular online phone cards at, used for making calls from within and outside Canada like USA and other countries include:

  • Gold Calling Cards – one of the largest service providers offering most reliable calling cards.
  • Bita Calling Cards – offers lowest domestic and international calling rates.
  • CiCi Calling Cards – Canada's most popular calling card.
  • Lyca Calling Card – Lowest rate PINless rechargeable prepaid phone card.